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London skyline

London is an amazing city, and whether you live here or are just visiting you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to heading out with your camera and getting great images.  

Simply walking down the Thames for an hour will allow you to see iconic locations and great architecture, but there is much to be seen elsewhere.  Whether you are visiting for a day or living here for life, there are plenty of things to shoot.

Use the home page map to scout locations and see examples of images I have taken there.  You can search the listings and then see where they are on the map with a single click.  You can see which tube stations you will need to travel to in order to be close to the location, along with which underground lines they are on.  You can also filter the map results by clicking on the circular icons representing each underground line so if you are looking for inspiration of where to go, why not pick a particular line and go from there? 

I always enjoy seeing the images other photographers take from a particular location, so get in touch using the social media icons in the footer and share what you manage to capture on your next outing in London. 



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